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“Capital isn’t this pile of money sitting somewhere; it’s an accounting construct”

Invest your time & effort on running your business. Leave the Accounting to me.


What I do


US & International Accounting & Auditing Services

“Behind every Good Business is a Great Accountant”

You get one-on-one guidance that helps manage risk and improve performance. Our firm offers a wide range of US & International accounting & auditing services (GAAP and IFRS) including Business Bookkeeping, Accounting, Payroll, Auditing, Internal Control, Financial Statements, and all other services. 


Business Services

“This is Business. Be Smart. Choose Wisely”

There is an art to providing Business Advisory Services. Advisors cannot offer cookie-cutter solutions, because every Business is unique. Our team co-creates solutions to address your plans for your business. Our firm will resolve your business problems & achieve your business goals through analysis, strategic planning, and effective implementation. We provide Business Consulting Services, New Business Start-Up, Business Plan, Break-even analysis, Incorporation, Retirement Planning and all other services.


US & International Tax Services

“A Fine is a Tax for doing something wrong. A Tax is a Fine for doing something right”

There’s more to taxes than just filling out a form. To the untrained eye, Tax Strategy is pretty cut-and-dry. What you might not know is that there is an art to defining a tax approach that works to legally minimize your tax exposure. Our approachable advisors work with you to establish your goals, then co-create solutions that help you make smart business decisions. Our firm provides US & International Tax Services including Individual & Business Tax Planning & Preparation, State & Local Taxes, Cryptocurrency Tax Services, IRS Tax Problem Resolution and all other Tax Services.


Cryptocurrency/Financial Advisory

“Blockchain Technology could change our world more than people imagine”

t’s true though. With our Bitcoin-Certified Professionals, they will apply their knowledge of cryptocurrency technology to their professional area of expertise and develop and understanding of privacy aspects, double-spending, and other existing Cryptocurrency-related issue. Our Firm provides Cryptocurrency Reconciliation, Consulting, calculating Gain & Loss for Tax preparation, Investment Consulting, Financial Model and other Financial Advisory Services. 

Software Migration

Software Migration Services

“Good software, like Wine, takes Time”

Choosing the right software for your unique Business is so important. Your friend say they use Quickbooks, it doesn’t mean you can also use Quickbooks. It depends on your requirement, maybe Quickbooks, Xero, Peachtree, Zoho maybe Sage 50, 100, D365, SAP or even an ERP system like NetSuite, Odoo. Our Certified Professionals provide Software Migration Services; Odoo Accounting, Payroll, Smart  Inventory, Demanding Forecast; Odoo Implementation, Professional Services, Support, Advance Hosting; Multi-channel Retain Solution, BigCommerce Odoo Integration, Engineer-to-Order (ETO) Solution and all other Migration services. 

Why Choose Me

Accurate Record Keeping


Katy CPA Services Firm embodies Honesty, Integrity, and Ethics as our guiding principles. We treat all clients with the utmost respect, we aim to provide the best customer experience, and we keep client information secure and confidential.

24/7 Availability

We at the Katy CPA Services enjoy engaging with clients while acknowledging that time is valuable. Clients may phone, email or text us at any time. We aim to respond to every client within 24 hours. We are here to assist our clients.

Long-term Relationship

At the Katy CPA Service Firm, a client is not a number or transaction. Planning for the future is a process, not a onetime event. We go the extra mile to assist clients to reach their short and long-term goals.


What My Clients Say?

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Katy CPA Services is excellent and skilled at what they do. They completed Quickbooks setup, tax returns and bookkeeping services. Katy is very fantastic; she is very thorough and great with communications in her CPA Services, very responsive. We use their Services last 2 years and continue to come back this year with bookkeeping, accounting, financial statements, cryptocurrency reconciliation with gain/loss calculation, business advisory, tax form preparation & tax return. Five-star service. Highly recommended.

Tiffany A. Jones, CEO & Founder, Cabana Corporate Housing LLC-Florida
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Katy is talented, creative, responsive, high attention to detail & pleasant to work with. She is in charge of our complex Cryptocurrency reconciliation from 2014 to now, calculating Gain & loss, preparing tax form, doing Loan analysis…With her CBP-Certified Bitcoin Professional Certificate and her knowledge in investment, cryptocurrency, bookkeeping, accounting, finance, tax…, she is a great help for the whole team. Five-star service. Highly recommended

Chris McCoy, CEO, Store Labs Inc.-California
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Katy CPA Services has provided us with consistent, thorough bookkeeping cleanup, Chart of accounts, accounting, financial statements, internal audit and Zoho software migration services. Katy provides guidance when needed but also keep things as simplistic as possible, with lots of effort to make IT-HenHouse on track. We sent her an appreciation gift – the Buttery Caramel & Finery Pecans in Pure Milk Chocolate – it is a memorial treat from our childhood - with her name: KATYDIDS. We are grateful for her help and glad that she is on our team.

Kenneth F. Fields, MBA, MS, LTC, US Army Reserves, President, IT-HenHouse-North Carolina
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Katy is in charge for the Migration project from Sage, DacEasy accounting system to Quickbooks Online: clean up Chart of Accounts; identifying & using data migration tools to extract, condition and load data to Quickbooks; training personnel on using Quickbooks… I thoroughly enjoyed working with Katy and recommend her services to anyone needing accounting services.

Charley Kiser, Project Manager, Scofield Church-Dallas
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Great work! Appreciate the quick return for Financial Modeling for Energy Project. We need a detailed & complex Financial Model suitable for Debt, Equity, and Tax Credit Investors around an energy projects in North America, Katy did a very good job. She is very creative, responsive and smart. Highly recommended.

Peter Perri, CEO, Caape Digital LLC Principals-Florida
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We need financial advice to take actions before closing the year for both my personal investment and my business. Katy did great accommodating this job in a very short time and completed it in a very limited given time as we were approaching deadline shortly. She listened and understood what my needs are and created a report with different scenarios. She worked on this job with all her knowledge about C Corp Tax Regulations, Accumulated Earnings Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Retirement Plan, Wealth Management, Charitable Remainder Trust… Highly recommended.

Erdem Arican, MBA, PMP, Founder & CEO, Engineering Allocation-San Francisco
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This project is to complete bookkeeping, auditing, financial statements, book closing & file back taxes since 2017 to present. We need expertise in payroll, accounts receivable, filing monthly taxes in Sage and Xero accounting platforms. Katy did a very amazing job with her knowledge in Cash/Accrual based accounting, tax preparation, California State Tax rules for SMB. She helped to figure out lots of variances, error in our system and fixed it, always provided the best solutions and explained clearly to help to avoid the same errors in the future. Five-star service. Highly recommended

Spencer Lo, CEO & Founder, Bayport Network Inc.-San Francisco
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“I always found Katy Doan’s professional, well-organized, and exhibiting a strong work ethic. As a Senior Accountant (Fixed Assets), Katy never misses an opportunity to increase her knowledge throughout workshops, seminars, and platform training. I quickly recognized that Katy was a step above most who have been in this position here at the City of Baytown. She was a self-starter who required little supervision. The pride she has in her profession shone through in every work product she completed. She effortlessly completed all tasks and truly made this crucial work look easy. It was this type of performance that gave me the impression that she would move up the ranks within our organization in no time at all. We definitely miss her angel voice as a professional singer.”

Grey Scott, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Human Resources Manager, City of Baytown-Texas
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“As an Accounting Manager, Katy is smart, hardworking, creative and dedicated. She just has 2-day training with a mess of accounting system, but after a month, she made everything professionally in her own way. She did all tasks that are not in her job description. At the first time I saw her, I knew she is the one right away. She cleaned up all accounting software, collection, invoices… and especially helped to do the auditing for the tax filing from previous years and get money back. We love to have her in our team and still keep in touch for every Easter crawfish party & voluntary, charity activities.”

Gretchen McAuliffe, CEO-Co-Founder, Labtopia Inc.-Texas
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“As the CEO’s Executive Assistant & Financial Analyst Manager, Katy has consistently performed her duties with competence and often goes extra mile, doing more than expected. She willingly accepts new assignments and whenever she can, ever ready to help others. Cheerfulness, calm and dependable describes best her character. Katy’s stellar academic achievement rubs off in her problem solving and her decision-making skills. Dedicated to the task at hand, she completes them in a timely and conscientious manner. As a strong communicator, when a task requires inputs beyond hers alone, she is able to “rally the troops” to assist. This is probably the best evidence of her leadership skills. She is also a strong table-tennis player, I try so hard to be even with her in some games.”

Danny Hoe Kam Thong, MICPA, MIA, MBA, CEO, Interflour Corporation
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“As a Project Accounting Manager, Katy is a very good leader with strong negotiation skill which helps to cut cost for our projects. Careful, detailed-oriented, clever and flexible are all I can describe about her. She is a remarkable talent, with an eye for not only for the trees but also for the whole forest, more matured than her age. Katy has always taken her role seriously and is passionate about her results. Beyond her passion on driving performance, she is a natural leader, and fights hard for her beliefs. She has a very effective personal style and will be looked for continued executive leadership in different roles.”

Ravi N. Gupta, Vice President, Project Director, Essar Steel Corporation
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“As a Finance Manager, Katy has very high Motivation, Maturity, Self-Discipline and Leadership skills. She is very diligent and hard study. Katy always tries her best to achieve higher goals, because she knows how to reach out past her boundaries. She is one of the most disciplined and punctual person I’ve ever known. Her ability to work efficiently under stressful conditions and nerve-wracking deadlines speaks volumes about her hard work, determination and composed demeanor. Katy is a compassionate human being with praiseworthy perseverance and ambition with lots of great contributions to our company.”

Shim Jaesup, Chief Representative, HongJi Engineering & Construction Co.
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“Katy is my close friends in the Catholic choir for more than 7 years. She was phenomenal at everything that she did in choir. She always performed tasks assigned by our Choir Director thoroughly and completely. Not only she finished her tasks with precision, she did them with passion. One such example is when she was assigned to plan activities for a choir camping trip, she planned them in such a way that every member is involved. By the end of the day, everyone had so much fun. But more importantly, everyone felt closer to God and each other. On a personal level, she is super caring and willing to sacrifice what she can to help others. One touching example is when she offered me one of her kidneys when my kidneys failed. I was super happy to know that I have such a good friend like Katy Doan. She is very reliable and always performs her duties with enthusiasm. Best of all, she deeply cares about her work.”

Kevin Nguyen, Software Developer, Friend in the same Catholic Choir-Texas
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“Katy is a person of impeccable character. Other than professional skills in different areas, Katy has a special touch which is very valuable for a company: “kind and warm-hearted nature”. I remember one instance in a special event that she was invited to sing, she always enthusiastically signs up without the slightest hesitation, eager to help in any way from party organization to cooking food to others. She also organized different charities to collect money for orphan in Vietnam. People with good heart is always making the team stronger no matter of which purposes. By nature, Katy is a perfectionist that impress and bring enthusiast to others. It could be a result of special training school for the Gifted children in Vietnam that she had been educated from. She is a very talented chef, a great singer, a well-performed Master of Ceremonies, a 2020 elected Beauty Queen. Everything she touches, everywhere she goes, I can see happiness, fun and performance.”

Binh Huynh, Senior Process Control Engineer, Air Products, Close Friend-Texas
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“Ms. Katy is my Professor, she is one of my favorite Professors who gave not only me but my whole Math-Computer Science class good memories. We had a great first impression with Ms. Katy, she is the youngest Professor who was invited by the Vice Principal right after she got graduated from University with Honors. She has a great teaching skill which makes us love being in her class, she is smart, beautiful and warm-hearted. She told us lots of stories about how to be successful, be happy and be ourselves which inspires us when we study abroad with scholarships. We are so happy that now we are in the US and we can celebrate Reunion party whenever we want. She is more than a friend, more than a teacher, she is a counselor, a leader that we love so much.”

Anh Tuan Nguyen, PhD Biomedical Engineering, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Student from High School for The Gifted-Vietnam National University (2007-2010)
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Ms. Katy is the Professor who gives us the unforgettable memories with her fashionable style and remarkable personality. She’s always stylish, strong, smart and funny which makes the whole class love to be in her class. She’s not the traditional Professor, she teaches us more than the knowledge in the books, she shows us how to become a useful, happy & successful person when we grow up with lots of experience she shares. She’s not only good at teaching, working, she is super clever at numbers, a great singer, a good cook… We always gather at her house every Lunar New Year and Teacher’s Day, we talk, we sing, we play games… as real friends. There are no boundaries between us, we just like sister and brother.”

Danh Viet Do, Software Development Engineer, Amazon, Student from High School for The Gifted-Vietnam National University (2008-2011)
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